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Major breakthrough head lice product!!
99.9% natural and we guarantee it's a simple and effective solution that gets rid of head lice in seconds!! It's called

U-GO LICE is now ready for worldwide distribution to families desperate
for a fast, effective, and affordable head lice product.

But don't just take our word for it. We offer you a free sample, so
you can see for yourself - 
click here to order your free sample today.

OR, click here to order your bottle now. Get 15% off - for a limited time.

Sizes available:

240ml (8.1 fl oz) - NZ$22.91 (US$14.26)

500ml (16.9 fl oz) - NZ$39.91 (US$24.84)

2 litres (67.6 fl oz) - NZ$127.46 (US$79.32)


U-GO LICE ‘One-Step-Only’ Nature’s Head Lice Expellant is manufactured by U-GO Products Limited - a New Zealand registered company (est. 2010).

One-Step-Only helps lessen the time-stress on households when dealing with a dreaded head lice infestation.

A 99.9% natural formulation made up of a unique blend of oils and New Zealand native plant extracts, it produces a fast and effective leave-on product that doesn’t need to be lice-combed and it doesn't need to be washed out. Just apply it and leave it - that's why it's called ‘One-Step-Only’

With U-GO LICE we guarantee you can “Break the Head Lice Cycle” and then “Ensure the Cycle Remains Broken.”


Note: U-GO LICE is sold in the Cosmetic Category. U-GO Products does not sell U-GO LICE as a medicine. Under New Zealand law only medicines or medical devices can make therapeutic claims such as “kills" and "treats" - as such, the words “kills head lice" and "treats head lice" do not appear in U-GO LICE advertising and labels.

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